The Mystery of Theophanies and Theophanic Spontaneous Worship in 444/528 Heaven's Frequency ONLINE Webinar with Reeni Mederos




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“THE MYSTERY OF THEOPHANIES” Teaching and Theophanic Spontaneous Worship in 444/528Hz Heaven’s Frequency


3 Hour On-Demand Mentoring Webinar

with Reeni Mederos

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Join Reeni for an amazing 3 Hour LIVE & ON-DEMAND Mentoring Webinar on The Mystery of Theophanies and Theophany Spontaneous Worship Activation Encounter in heaven’s 444/528hz frequency.  The definition of “theophany” is a manifestation of God that is tangible to the human senses, sometimes directly and sometimes as the angel of the Lord. Reeni will go into deep revelatory teaching on The Mystery of Theophanies and how easy it is to access God’s heart that will cause Him to show up in your prayer closet as you honor him with sincerity and purity of heart.  You will experience the power of theophanic revelation in Reeni’s worship and in her teaching to give you the opportunity to activate your spirit to recognize, experience and encounter God face to face not just once in a while at church, but every single day…even like Enoch encountered God. That’s how close God wants to be to you and manifest Himself to you.

Come join in worship as we honor God together with our time, our worship and our entire body, soul, and spirit.  Be refreshed in this unique amazing time of mentoring encounter with Reeni Mederos as she will share with you her personal experiences and revelation of how God meets with her face to face on a daily basis.  Reeni’s heart is to share that experience to enrich your relationship with God and to help you draw close to Him that results in healing, deliverance, and freedom in every area of your life.  Just come and believe and receive and participate in heaven’s activation encounter with God.  You will never be the same!  

Corporate Communion:  Before each webinar begins with the teaching, the class will take communion together to establish unity in Christ and to prepare the heart for receiving the mysteries of the word of God in this teaching.

This is a 3 HOUR ON-DEMAND MENTORING WEBINAR with 7 Day Pay-Per-View Access

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What is 444/528Hz Frequency? The 444Hz is a calibration that is revealed out of the Hebrew text of the book of Numbers – Chapter 7 and Psalms 119. These frequencies are presented in the ancient Hebrew scriptures, which affect our lives. The most important frequency used found in the scriptures is the 528Hz or C note (if you use the 444Hz calibration). Much study and experimentation have been done with this frequency – from healing water and frozen water crystal structures to DNA repair by genetic researchers using this frequency. The 528Hz frequency has been given the name, “Miracle Frequency”, “Healing Frequency”, “Creative Frequency”, “Heaven’s Frequency”, and “The Frequency of God’s Love,” and others reflecting its amazing qualities.

We are exposed to different types of frequencies every single day in the things we eat, the things we listen to, the things we say and the atmospheres we surround ourselves with. For example: when someone speaks negatively to you, over you or about you, those negative frequencies affect your mind (make you discouraged), your soul (you feel oppressed), and your body (can cause sickness). When we adjust our music to biblical frequencies instead of the international standard of 440Hz (which creates dissonance…and unrest), our DNA is affected by what I call heavens frequencies in which healing results that repairs mutations in our DNA that occurred from the fall of man. In this webinar, we will discuss a little bit about frequencies but I have more teaching on this in another webinar called The Ascent. It’s not that God can’t use the international standard of 440Hz frequency (because God is not limited) but the establishment of the 440Hz was purposed by man to create dissonance whereas the 444/528Hz frequency is more harmonies to the Hebrew text and is a closer reflection of the sounds and frequencies of heaven that lift us up, not tear us down.

~ Reeni Mederos


About Your Webinar Host and Instructor, Reeni Mederos

Reeni's vision and mission are to reveal, unlock and proclaim the mystery [mystérion] of God's heart and God's kingdom realms where the unseen is more real than the seen. Revealing our restored position and identity of sonship in Christ, Reeni teaches and preaches across the globe through her live broadcasts, webinars, conferences, workshops, online schools and online web church where we can all engage the mystery of God's heart together and be transfigured into the image of Christ.

Reeni is a passionate revelator of YHWY and the mysteries of His heart, proclaiming the heart and mind of the Lord through her worship, over the nations and in her teachings.  She is the founder of Mystérion Expressions, Inc., a 508(c)1(a) non-profit ministry that is not restricted in freedom of speech as a political activist as many other non-profits are in the political arena revealing God's truth to the governmental realms as a culture warrior for Christ.  Reeni exercises the liberty of proclaiming Christ and Him crucified, the power of engaging in the DNA of the body and blood of Jesus in everything she does and everywhere she goes, especially in the political arena and the body of Christ where God's people need to step in and be a powerful force to take dominion in the earth as God decreed from the beginning. Reeni is also the author of "The Weapon of Peace - Warfare Strategies from the Courts of Heaven." She is also a music producer, worship artist and has written many songs.


Reeni believes in the preserving and the establishing power of God's prophetic decree, releasing the heart and mind of the Lord over America and blessing Israel, which is vital in maintaining the Abrahamic blessing for generations to come. Reeni reveals the secrets of God's heart in deep worship, biblical studies, and research as she unveils the mysteries of the wonders of His person, His amazing kingdom realms and our restored position as sons and daughters in Christ.


Reeni is mandated from heaven to make every soul and nation aware of the mysteries of God's kingdom realm available to them in Christ, and to proclaim to whomsoever will receive, "the privilege of intimately knowing the mystery [mystérion] of God’s kingdom realm has been granted to you." Mark 4:11