All I Want To Do Is Thank You

MP3 Instant Digital Download by Reeni Mederos

All I Want To Do Is Thank You - Song Preview

by Reeni Mederos | Mystērion Worship

All I Want To Do Is Thank You – Instant MP3 Digital Download by Reeni Mederos (Mystērion Worship Single)

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All I Want To Do Is Thank You - MP3 Digital Download by Reeni Mederos

© 2020 Words and Music by Reeni Mederos


All I Want To Do Is Thank You is a spontaneous worship song that was birthed and recorded live during a personal encounter Reeni had in 1999 during worship with her band and has been a signature song for her life through the years from a heart of gratitude.  This remix is a contemporary studio version created in 2020. Enjoy the emotion and energy of being taken into heaven with a heart of gratitude as you soar with Reeni in this heartfelt spontaneous song that was birthed, structured, and published from heaven.  After all is said and done, what else can you say but "Thank You" to the One who gave His all for us and who chooses to spend time with those who choose to be intimate with Him. Fall into the divine encounter of the mystery of His loving heart and enjoy the bliss of knowing Him ever so closely.


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: $25.00