Overcoming Word Curses, Charismatic Witchcraft & Media Mind Control

One-Hour Online Workshop with Reeni Mederos
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Overcoming Word Curses, Charismatic Witchcraft & Media Mind Control Online Workshop

Overcoming Word Curses, Charismatic Witchcraft & Media Mind Control

One Hour Live Online Workshop with Reeni Mederos

(with a FREE Bonus 2-Hour Previous Webinar on “Dispelling the Power of Word Curses”)

with Unlimited On-Demand Viewing

$27 Per Person (7 Day Pay-Per-View Access)

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Overcoming Word Curses, Charismatic Witchcraft & Media Mind Control

One Hour On-Demand Mentoring Webinar with Reeni Mederos

with Unlimited On-Demand Viewing

(with a FREE Bonus 2-Hour Previous Webinar on “Dispelling the Power of Word Curses”)



About This Workshop:  Word curses are prevalent inside and outside the church, especially in a hostile political environment where many people are on edge and just trying to survive. Word Curses, Charismatic Witchcraft, and Media Mind Control are very real and many people have fallen victim to this vice grip of the mind with symptoms of a feeling of a dark cloud hanging over your head or unexplained anxiety.  There is a prevalent vice grip from this world system that tries to seduce your attention span and exploits the emotional realm like pulling on the strings of a puppet if allowed.  Whether it be religious witchcraft or mind control from the bombardment of the media, social media, or arguments that transpire because of national unrest or family or church tension, the purpose of these demonic spirits behind these mental vice grips is to hijack your mind.  Even the strongest of Christians can fall prey to these onslaughts but there is good news.

Not only did Jesus pay the price of the demolishing of these entities and symptoms that come with it, God is revealing deeper mysteries from His heart and cutting edge strategies from His kingdom that help you not only break the power of these mental vice grips but to stay above the realms of this kind of mental chaos once and for all.  In this one hour workshop, Reeni will share with you her secrets to not allowing these types of vice grips to affect you, to recognize them before they capture your mind, soul, heart, and even your spirit and to not be afraid to confront them head-on.  There is, however, a certain protocol in dealing with these realms that should not be taken lightly.  In order to defeat your enemy, you must know your enemy and you also must put into practice a daily lifestyle of rising above these realms of destruction.  We know the scripture is very clear in revealing that Satan himself comes not but to kill, steal and destroy and one of the main qualities of life that he looks to destroy is your peace of mind.

Now is the time to take charge and be at the forefront of not allowing your mind to be a trashcan for anyone to spew into.  Reeni will share personal examples and real-life situations that will open your eyes like never before.  In this one hour workshop, Reeni gets up close and personal and speaks into the heart of the matter, scaling back lies and tactics of the enemy that are many times subtle yet penetrating.  There is a way to guard your heart and mind every time and this workshop will not only expose the workings of word curses, charismatic and religious witchcraft but also the mind control vice grip that attempts to hijack the minds of not only God’s people but also every day Americans in a time of national unrest.  Even though we see turmoil on the surface, there is a realm we can access where none of this chaos exists and Reeni will teach you how to not only access it but to live there daily and to live above it as.a way of life from a Hebraic mindset.

Gone are the days of laborious deliverance sessions because Yahweh is revealing to His kingdom sons and daughters how to rule and reign in the midst of chaos, to work smarter and not harder, even to the point where word curses will never touch you ever again. Yes! It is possible to live in the realm of peace all the days of your life and still be an influence on this world system without losing your mind.

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About Reeni Mederos

Reeni’s vision and mission are to reveal, unlock and proclaim the mystery [mystérion] of God’s heart and God’s kingdom realms where the unseen is more real than the seen. Revealing our restored position and identity of sonship in Christ, Reeni teaches and preaches across the globe through her live broadcasts, webinars, conferences, workshops, online schools and online web church where we can all engage the mystery of God’s heart together and be transfigured into the image of Christ.

Reeni is a passionate revelator of YHWY and the mysteries of His heart, proclaiming the heart and mind of the Lord through her worship, over the nations and in her teachings.  She is the founder of Mystérion Expressions, Inc., a 508(c)1(a) non-profit ministry that is not restricted in freedom of speech as a political activist as many other non-profits are in the political arena revealing God’s truth to the governmental realms as a culture warrior for Christ.  Reeni exercises the liberty of proclaiming Christ and Him crucified, the power of engaging in the DNA of the body and blood of Jesus in everything she does and everywhere she goes, especially in the political arena and the body of Christ where God’s people need to step in and be a powerful force to take dominion in the earth as God decreed from the beginning. Reeni is also the author of “The Weapon of Peace – Warfare Strategies from the Courts of Heaven.” She is also a music producer, worship artist and has written many songs.

Reeni believes in the preserving and the establishing power of God’s prophetic decree, releasing the heart and mind of the Lord over America and blessing Israel, which is vital in maintaining the Abrahamic blessing for generations to come. Reeni reveals the secrets of God’s heart in deep worship, biblical studies, and research as she unveils the mysteries of the wonders of His person, His amazing kingdom realms and our restored position as sons and daughters in Christ.

Reeni is mandated from heaven to make every soul and nation aware of the mysteries of God’s kingdom realm available to them in Christ, and to proclaim to whomsoever will receive, “the privilege of intimately knowing the mystery [mystérion] of God’s kingdom realm has been granted to you.” Mark 4:11