Chillstep Worship Medley by Reeni Mederos in 444/528 Hz Frequency

Video or MP3 Instant Digital Download by Reeni Mederos

Chillstep Worship Medley by Reeni Mederos – Video or MP3 Instant Digital Download – in 444/528 Hz Frequency

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​Format: High-Quality Instant MP3 Digital Download

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FOR A DONATION OF $25 USD or MORE:  A suggested donation of $25 or more for the very hard work, dedication, creativity, prayer, anointing, and time it takes Reeni to produce high-quality worship music that takes you deep into the mysteries of Yahweh. Each song is delicately crafted and engineered from a place of mystery with the utmost detail and professional sound design.

FOR A DONATION OF $50 or MORE, you will receive the MP3 Audio PLUS the HD Video in 720p. The video will be emailed in a separate email link. Thank you for your heart to give in supporting Reeni’s music. 

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Chillstep Worship Medley by Reeni Mederos - MP3 Instant Digital Download - in 444/528 Hz Frequency

© 2018 Words and Music by Reeni Mederos


Chillstep Worship Medley, Songs 1 and 2, "Eden" and "Breathe" are two creative musical works of art Reeni produced in the contemporary genre called "Chillstep" but incorporated into Reeni's flavor of worship to the Lord.  Chillstep is a contemporary music genre that has a nice rhythm while also being relaxing and soothing to the soul.  This literary worship is tuned to the 444/528 Hz Frequency which is simply defined as heaven's frequency that brings healing to the DNA level.  The entirety of the songs can be seen in the video above.  For a personal copy of the video in addition to the MP3 digital download, please add another $25 donation and a video copy will be emailed to you.

Reeni's music and songwriting come from a deep place of worship as she engages in the mysteries of God's heart and literally sees and hears music not only in prayer but also in her visual and audible dreams.  Reeni's gift to hear the sounds of heaven and translate them to literary works of art into the natural realm is a privilege she cherishes and longs to share with the world the things she sees and hears in heavenly places.  Thank you for your financial support and love offerings for this music that helps Reeni to produce more sounds from heaven.


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