Hello! I’m conducting a short survey of 6 questions to get feedback from people who are seasoned, spirit-filled Christians who are wanting to start, launch or expand their own online ministry. I’m looking to get at least 100 responses for the survey and would love it if both men and women can participate. This survey takes less than 3 minutes to complete. There are no right or wrong answers, just honest ones. The feedback given will help us serve you better, our following community, to increase our understanding of the hearts of those who have a desire and calling from God to be an impact on the world around them and to their sphere of influence.
A copy of your own survey will be emailed immediately after your survey completion as a keepsake if you choose, with further commentary inside the email to encourage you.  The simple questions asked and the responses you give are good to review and ask yourself again over time to see how you have progressed. It further develops deeper clarity and insight into your own challenges and can identify areas to work on to achieve your goals as you ponder each response.  This follows the Biblical principle of “writing down your vision” and “working your vision” as mentioned in Hab. 2:2. This is the first step of the building blocks needed for your ministry vision to become a manifested reality.
Thank you for your participation!

Reeni Mederos

Founder of Mysterion Expressions