Divorcing Death and Disease and Maximizing Your Life Span Video Teaching by Reeni Mederos

by Mar 28, 2021

 Divorcing Death & Disease and Maximizing Your Life Span Video Teaching & Spontaneous Worship with Reeni Mederos


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Join Reeni in a night of spontaneous worship into the mysteries of God’s heart and unveils the mystery of MAXIMIZING YOUR LIFE SPAN through understand how to DIVORCE DEATH AND DISEASE once and for all from your life.  Is this possible to do? As sure as the resurrection of Christ! Premature death is NEVER God’s will, neither is sickness and disease. Join in for a time of great healing and life expansion to live as long as you can! Be encouraged! Be empowered! Be Transformed!

Reeni Mederos

Founder of Mystērion Expressions

Reeni Mederos is the founder of Mystérion Expressions, Mystérion Academy and Mystérion.TV and author of The Weapon of Peace. As a revelatory motivational speaker and pioneering seer, Reeni releases the oracles of heaven from God’s heart with a fiery prophetic psalmist anointing. Releasing the fire of Seraphim from the mysteries of God’s heart, Reeni’s passionate love for Christ in her spontaneous worship permeates the atmosphere and airwaves over cities, regions and nations resulting in piercing individual lives. Reeni’s contagious child-like pursuit and adventures into the realms of the Kingdom exudes innocence and godly wisdom for all to share in as she teaches the mysteries of God’s kingdom for whomsoever will.



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