Beyond the Prophetic: Embracing the Mysteries of God’s Kingdom

Mysterion Podcast Episode 101 by Reeni Mederos


Episode 101. Beyond The Prophetic: Embracing the Mysteries of God’s Kingdom by Reeni Mederos

Podcast Description: In this enlightening episode of the Mysterion Podcast, host Reeni Mederos takes us on a profound journey beyond the familiar territories of the prophetic realm. Discover the deeper mysteries of God’s kingdom as we delve into the transformative power of communion. This sacred practice transcends traditional understanding and opens the door to face-to-face encounters with Yahweh.

Reeni explores the limitations of the prophetic realm and how engaging in daily communion serves as a gateway to something far greater and beyond the Holy of Holies. Learn about the barriers that can prevent us from experiencing the fullness of God’s kingdom, including religious mindsets and fear of the unknown. The episode then transitions into the heart of communion, revealing it as the access point to deeper spiritual truths and mysteries of Yahweh, where we not only hear God’s voice but also see His face and understand the secrets of His heart.

This episode is not just a discussion; it’s an invitation to a transformative experience. Reeni introduces her Communion Activation Workshop, an immersive training and activation encounter that combines spiritual revelation, scientific research, and Hebraic root studies to unveil the profound significance of the mystery of communion. Listeners are encouraged to join this journey to unlock the mysteries waiting in God’s kingdom and embrace their divine inheritance as kingdom sons and daughters.

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