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Here Are Some of the Mystērion.TV Mobile App Amazing Features!


Stay regularly connected to the Mystērion online community through the Mystērion.TV Mobile App to stay nurtured and encouraged in your relationship with God.

Enable Push Notifications

As soon as you download the app, be sure to accept the enabling of PUSH notifications on your mobile device so you don’t miss a thing! This is the best way to stay connected! If you miss a notification, you can check your inbox for the latest notifications within the app.

Live Broadcasts & Updates

Join the weekly live broadcasts with live spontaneous worship and revelatory teaching with Reeni Mederos. In addition to the regular weekly broadcasts, follow Reeni’s political updates and spontaneous broadcasts at any moment.  Be sure to have your PUSH notifications turned on.

Video Archive

If you miss a live broadcast, access our recorded video archive to catch up on the latest happenings!

Israel Mentoring Expeditions

Come with us to Israel for Reeni’s Israel Mentoring Expeditions or follow the journey virtually through our Mystērion.TV Mobile App live broadcasts so you can be right there with us in person or online as we broadcast from Holy Land.  Future Israel Trip Dates to be announced.

Webinars, Workshop & Classes

Join any FREE or paid online webinar, class, workshop or courses to help you grow deeper into the mysteries of Yahweh and be ye transfigured!

One-On-One or Group Coaching & Mentoring

Go even further with your walk with God and get one-on-one or group mentoring and coaching with Reeni Mederos as God uses her to unleash your potential on a higher and much more personal level. Visit

Upcoming Events

Check on upcoming events inside the Mystērion.TV App so that you can plan ahead to be with us for any Mystērion happenings!

Mysterion Podcast

Listen in to the Mysterion Podcast where Reeni will break open mysteries that is up-close and personal!

Join the Live Chat

Join the live interactive chat during any given live broadcast and post your comments, prayers and decrees.

Prayer Wall

Post your personal prayer requests on our Prayer Wall, pray for one another and pray for America and Israel.

App and Text Giving

Conveniently give donations, heavenly trades, and love offerings inside the app or by text giving any time to help Reeni Mederos reach the world through Unveiling Kingdom Mysteries through Mystērion.TV.

In-App Bible Search

Search the Scriptures through our In-App Bible search and feast on the Word of God every day to feed your spirit!

Mystērion Podcasts

Listen in to the latest Mystērion Podcast episodes as Reeni gives amazing kingdom wisdom to encourage and inspire you into a deeper walk with God like never before.

Premium Partner Access

Login to your Basic or Premium Mystērion Partner account from within the Mystērion.TV Mobile App to access your free or premium content.

Download the Mystērion.TV Mobile App Now!


We are so excited to provide you with the new Mystērion.TV Mobile App now available on the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads and on the Google Play Store for Androids and Tablets! You can download directly from our website or by entering “Mysterion.TV” or “Reeni Mederos” into the app search.