Mystērion.TV Mobile App Update: V.4.8.2

December 10, 2020

Dear Mystērion.TV Mobile App User,

Thank you for downloading the new Mystērion.TV Mobile App and staying connected with us. We recently updated the App with a bug fix and was pushed to the app stores as of today and is in effect. Many may have had issues with not receiving Push Notifications and other app issues. These fixes have been implemented and we have provided a new Mobile App video tutorial to show you the minor changes and to help you navigate the app. Please view the video below. This tutorial is also listed in your app menu for future reference.

Please let us know you have received this update by commenting in the comments section below and text YES to let us know you received the following:

1) a Push notification for this message

2) watched the updated app video tutorial below

3) everything seems to be working fine

If you are having continued issues with the app, please text NO in the comments area below and state in one or two sentences what issues you are experiencing with the app.

Your feedback helps us greatly. Thank you!




  1. Mysterion TV

    Please post a comment if you have watched the video and downloaded the new update or if you have any issues with the app or new update or are not able to update. Your feedback helps us to serve you better. 😇

    • Blease Hollands Jr

      Yes, I’ve received the update, and thank you.


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